Thursday, 28 February 2013

Katzenjammer - A Kiss Before You Go (2011)

Last year my world changed when BBC Breakfast brought on a little heard of Norwegian band called Katzenjammer. These four girls are multi-instrumentalists and share all duties on stage and in the studio on their Folk/Rock/Pop/Country crossover. This is their second album and is not available on vinyl in the U.K. Amazon in Germany cheerfully sent it over to me though, yes Germany, where this album has gone platinum and Katzenjammer are massive! I go to see them play as often as possible and they changed my view of music. Always I was the drummer who could play guitar. Now I'm the guy who plays guitar, or banjo, or ukulele, or piano, or drums, etc., all thanks to them. I've even been to Norway, because of them.


Side A
1. A Kiss Before You Go (Rybø - Bergheim)
3. Cherry Pie (Sveen - Hartung)

Side B
1. Land Of Confusion (Genesis)
2. Lady Marlene (Heilo)
3. Rock-Paper-Scissors (Orral - Kattzenjammer)

Side C
2. Soviet Trumpeter ((Rybø - Bergheim)
3. Loathsome M (Rybø)

Side D
1. Shepherd's Song (Seen)
2. Gypsy Flee (Sveen)

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Dear Eskiimo - Patience (2005)

I once owned a sampler CD with some good tracks on it. I've no idea where it went but I had kept some files on a hard drive, one being this from Dear Eskiimo. When this individually numbered and signed copy came up I just had to have it. So here it is. 

Dead Eskiimo were, of course, Katie White and Jules De Martino who now call themselves The Ting Tings and were joined by Simon Templemen back then.

Side A
1. Patience
2. Jack And Jill

Side B
1. Don't Wanna Feel
2. Traffic Light

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