Friday, 20 August 2010

Maru Funk #6 - To-Day's Sound

August is here and isn't the weather beautiful?

Anyway, here's the sound of summer for you to enjoy instead. This month has a theme so it's mixed I'm afraid, and there are jingles. All tracks this month are from modern artists (to-day's sound? Geddit?)

If you like the tracks PLEASE go find them and buy them for yourself, unlike previous artists, these are all well and truly alive and need your support to continue. And to eat!


Descargar aqui.

The artwork is mercilessly ripped off from Piero Umliani's album of the same name, there's no need for the example, it's exactly like the one above just with his name! Do check him out, he's GREAT. Not like Tony the Tiger though, much, much better.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Friday, 2 July 2010

Maru #1 redux

I've gone back and brought Maru Funk #1 in line with more recent releases, go back and get the new: Maru Funk #1 right here!

Que Vida La Salsa Dura

I've been told Salsa music isn't very good. Well here's some salsa that stands up against any Latin genre but be careful, it might make you want to dance!!

"Salsa dura means 'hard' salsa, salsa gorda means 'fat' salsa. Both terms are used to describe salsa that retains the basic characteristics of classic salsa: driving rhythms, call and response, 'montuno' sections and socially conscious lyrics. Salsa dura is the EverReady battery musical bunny that just keeps going and going, with musical breaks and blaring brass ideal for salsa dancing.

While Puerto Rico was focusing on salsa romantica, Colombia became a bastion of their own style of salsa dura, through the lean years and remain one today. As a result, Colombia can boast some of the finest, mature salsa dura bands in the world. With groups like Grupo Niche, Sonora Carruseles, Joe Arroyo and Fruko y sus Tesos, Colombia has a clear claim to call itself the salsa dura capitol of the world.

In the last few years, young salseros in New York have also been turning to salsa dura. The Spanish Harlem Orchestra has perfected the big band salsa sound of the Fania years while Jimmy Bosch, Wayne Gorbea and La Excelencia are becoming instrumental in the rise and popularity of salsa dura around the world."
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This time the cover is from "This Is Chaquito and the Quedo Brass" 1967.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Maru Funk #5

No messing abut this time, July's offering is here, on the 1st!!!

Yet another collection of 20 great funky tunes for your listening pleasure, that's around 100 tunes now since March when I brought you my first collection! I hope the tunes keep coming, there's still so much music to discover out there.

Get your dancing shoes on and enjoy - Maru Funk Five!

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This time the artwork comes from 4 Lessons In Jazz, a compilation from who knows when. . .

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Maru Funk #4

Still sniffing from this dreadful cold, and just on time with this being the last day of June, here it is - Maru Funk #4!!!

18 more smash funk tunes for your ears in the usual format, that's a Piero Umliani intermission and a killer outro track from somewhere across Europe, in this case the beautiful France Gall.

Also featured are Corduroy with a rare track and recent Glastonbury headliner Stevie Wonder with some instrumental gold. Dr. Lonnie Smith's 'Afrodesia' blurs the lines between Funk and Jazz then back again, DJ Shadow shows us how funky beats are used in the modern day while Alvin Cash takes us back to a time before samplers and only vinyl!

So what choo doin'? Stop reading this and have a Funky good time, I'll be back in July with another Maru Funk and also a Salsa Dura special, not for the feint hearted!!

This time the cover takes it's lead from Xavier Cugat and his album 'Bang Bang' from 1966.

Friday, 18 June 2010

World Cup England Party 2010

Just in time for England's match tonight and actually done for next wednesday against Slovenia, here is my obvious World Cup England Party mix!

I've actually been suffering from some horrible virus so to get this done I let my computer automix the tracks, but they're football songs so who'll care, one for the lads to sing along!

Get It Here!!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Billy's And The Blitz

My 80's revival continues (or did it ever end?) as I present my first 80's music mix, a New Romantic special with all your old faves plus some others to get you in an electro mood or ready for that themed party! Named after the London clubs that made the New Romantic movement what it was, run by Steve Strange and Rusty Egan, later of Visage!! No mention of Barbarella's in Birmingham though!!!

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Friday, 4 June 2010

A Touch Of Magic

Here's another piece of terrible kitsch mixed together by DJ Maru, this time with a magic theme! Tonight at C.G.C. - that's Craigleigh Golf Club here in Little Bazeley - there is a magic night and this mix gets it's first public airing!

So get out your top hats, pull out some rabbits, pick a card, any card and grab yourselves a glamourous assistant!


Here's the album cover that 'inspired' me this time - "Best of the G.U.S. Band"

Friday, 14 May 2010

Space Escapade (Maru Funk)

Just a bit of fun, this latest offering from Maru Funk is all about the universe and see's tracks from many genres come together with a spacey theme! Spanning 5 decades the music changes as fast as Barbarella's outfits so you can be sure some new extra-terrestrial sounds are never far away!

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Maru Funk #3 - Spaced Out

May has arrived and with it the sunshine. Well, a little bit for a while at least, but while the sun always shines on TV, it also shines on funk, and this time I bring you a piece of Sci-Fi Summer, in a funk mix with a twist to take you out of this world!

A different style to the previous two, this includes some down tempo funk as well as some cheese, a classy outro tune but no intermission!! It comes as two sides ready to play at 39" each with some suprises on the way.

So grab your space boy or girl and go on a funk adventure to the sounds of Maru Funk #3!

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Adam and the Ants - Young Parisians/Cartrouble

A special double bill of vinyl here, with two Adam and the Ants 7"s one from 1978 (Young Parisians) and one from 1989 (Cartrouble).

Young Parisians (Adam Ant)
c/w Lady (Adam Ant)

Cartrouble (Adam Ant)
c/w Kick (Adam Ant)

You can have a listen here

Viva Merengue - Nico Gomez (Omega)

This highly collectible Nico release was top of my wish list for a while when I managed to find a copy for sale and, after much hassle, it finally came my way. It is firmly established as my favourite album in this collection, both musical content and artwork. I mentioned I'm a percussionist right?

side 1

Compadre Pedro Juan
El Senior Presidente
Vivo Cantando
Piano Y Piano
La Murcura
El Ambassador

side 2

Nena Negrita
El Calapago
El Empressario
El Barullo
La Mona
El Negrito Del Batey

333.080 - 1971 (?)

Aquarela - Nico Gomez et son Orchestre

Sometimes referred to as The Girl From Ipanema, this French release from Nico has no given title so people use the first track on the album or the first track listed on the front. On my wishlist for a while I picked this up for less than £20.


Garota De Ipanema
Samba De Una Nota So
Manha De Carnaval
Suadade Do Rio


La Bamba
Mambo No.5
Noche Cubana
Cielito Lindo

2M046-13248 - (P) 1975

Viva Merengue - Nico Gomez (Dureco Benelux)

Nico Gomez and his Ochestra

Produced bij (sic.) Nico Gomez

Belgian re-release of the Belgian Latin star Joseph Van Het Groenewoud or as we know him - Nico Gomez!

side 1

Compadre Pedro Juan
El Senior Presidente
Vivo Cantando
Piano Y Piano
La Murcura
El Ambassador

side 2

Nena Negrita
El Calapago
El Empressario
El Barullo
La Mona
El Negrito Del Batey

66.045 - (p) 1982

Latin Escapade - George Shearing

"Music that suggests the darkest corner of a smoky bar. . . the sweet wild mood of a Latin Escapade."

" For aficionados of latin music, George Shearing plays these tropical tempos wit a romantic touch all his own. He has long been a master of jazz with a latin beat, and now, for the first time in a complete album, this special mastery finds fine, full expression. Backed by the colourful sounds of maracas, timbale, claves and conga drums, Shearing's deft piano and his famed quintet make music that is sultry indeed; it will lure even the shyest dancer to the floor, and thoroughly delight the listener who does not choose to dance."

In playing order:


Mambo With Me

Without You

Old Devil Moon

Mi Musica Es Parati

Anitra's Nañigo


Cuban Love Song

Watch Your Step

Poodle Mambo

Canto Karabali

Strange Enchantment

SM-11454 - 1958

Hollywood Byrd - Charlie Byrd

with Orchestra and Chorus.

For his latest Columbia album, Charlie Byrd takes a soaring, Byrd's-eye view of what's really new on today's movie-music landscape. In HOLLYWOOD BYRD, heplays in a contemporary jazz-guitar idiom and in an intriguing orchestra and chorus setting.

Listen to today's top movies, and fly with HOLLYWOOD BYRD.

Side 1

A Time For Love
(from "An American Dream")
Georgy Girl
(from "Georgy Girl")
(from "Alfie")
The Wishing Doll
(from "Hawaii")
Wish Me A Rainbow
(from This "Property Is Condemned")

Side 2

Born Free
(from "Born Free")
In The Arms Of Love
(from "What Did You Do In The War, Daddy")
Any Wednesday
(from "Any Wednesday")
Moment To Moment
(from "Moment To Moment")
I'll Be Back
(from "Spinout")

LE 10110 - 1967

Hammond Pops 2 - Klaus Wunderlich

Klaus Wunderlich

Hammondorgel, mit rhythmsgruppe

28 Hits on Parade Potpourri

Listen to it here.

Seite 1


So What's New
Sind Sie der Graf
Cotton Fields

Langsamer Walzer - Medley

The Last Waltz
Zwei Augen, wie deine


If I Were A Rich Man
Music To Watch Girls By
Un Homme Et Une Femme


Spanish Eyes
Green, Green Grass Of Home


Canale Grand Number One
Ein Hoch der Liebe

seite 2


La, La, La
Immer wieder geht die sonne auf
Bonnie And Clyde


What A Wonderful World
The World We Knew

Rock 'n' Roll-Medley

Rock Around The Clock
Lady Madonna


Love Is Blue
San Francisco


A Banda
Tanz bitte noch einmal mit mir
Schön muß es sein, dich zu lieben
Komm Allein

SLE 14 514-P -

Hits Again 3 - Klaus Wunderlich

Klaus Wunderlich, Hammond with Rhythm


Avenues And Alleyways
I'm On My Way

Speak Softly Love
You're A Lady
Theme From "W"

Oh Lonesome Me
Kiss Me

Last Date

Look At Me
Delta Queen



Theme From "Shaft"
If You Could Read My Mind

Crocodile Rock
Mama - Mia

I Will Follow Him
Wig-Wam Bam

Sugar Me
Standing In The Road

SLE 14 694-P - 1973

The George Shearing Quintet and Orchestra - Black Satin

"The satin-smooth Shearing sound has never been so expressive of it's creator's unique yersatility (sic) as it is in this album. "

side one

The Folks Who Live On The Hill
If I Should Lose You
Starlight Souvenirs
What Is There To Say
Black Satin

side two

You Don't Know What Love Is
Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You
One Morning In May
Moon Song
Medley: As Long As I Live-Let's Live Again

T858 - 1956

George Shearing - Burnished Brass

"An exciting album blending the Shearing piano and quintet with an array of brass instruments.

It's a distinctive new format, a study in rich, melodic music.

Sparked by a program of specially tailored tunes arranged by George Shearing and Billy May, the sound comes rolling out full, wide and hefty."

side one

Memories Of You
Lulu's Back In Town
If You Were Mine
Burnished Brass
These Things You Left Me

side two

Beautiful Love
Cuckoo In The Clock
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Cheek To Cheek
Blame It On My Youth
Basie's Masement

T 1038 - 1958

Martin Denny - Quiet Village

"Martin Denny's music is becoming so famous it's a little pointless for me to tell you how wonderful it is. If you've alredy heard it you know, and if you haven't, stop reading this right now . . . put the record on and play it."

I'll do that then. . .

Side One

Stranger In Paradise
Hawaiian War Chant
Sake Rock
Paradise Found

Side Two

My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii
Tune From Rangoon
Happy Talk
Pagan Love Song
Quiet Village

LST 7122 - 1959

Marty Gold - Skin Tight

"This is a drum album"

"Now don't be alarmed. This doesn't mean it's a succession of bangs and crashes designed to send your neighbours house hunting. Rather it is a virtual catalogue of the infinite diversity of percussion sounds and colours, ranging from the subtle to the sensational. Nine percussionists let loose their talents on several dozen instruments - many of which, we'll wager, you'll be hearing for the first time."

Well, they lost that bet, I own most of the instruments used on this album! But I'm a percussionist. In that sense this album is disappointing and relies on tunes made famous by Gene Krupa, but still a great old record with a terrific cover! This album also comes with a map of the orchestra for the recording session, including the position of each percussionist and the mic's they used. Also, it contains the revolutionary antistatic agent 317X, providing a miracle surface to prevent surface noise AND this is a "New Orthophonic" high fidelity recording. Wow! Listen to it all here.

Side 1

Allah's Holiday
Song Of India
(I Wonder Why) You're Just In Love

Side 2

Dry Bones
How High The Moon
Opus One
Hawaiian War Chant (Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai)
Jungle Drums

LSP-2230 - 1960

James Last - Beat In Sweet

James Last

"Beat In Sweet"

Side A

I Got You Babe
Frag' Den Abenwind
Baby Don't Go
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Eve Of Destruction
Teenage Love

Side B

Mr. Tambourine Man
Du Bist Nicht Allein
For Somebody
Like A Rolling Stone
Du Bist Mein Liebe

249 002 - (P) 1966

Interestingly, a typo on side A has the published year as 1066!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Maru Funk #2

Available now for download, my second collection of Funk Nuggets!

The cover features Tereza Ilova and is based on David Carroll's "Let's Dance Again" cover from 1960 (see below)

This time out, Funk Fans, we have a mix of old and new, American and European, and some all time classics known in many genres thanks to the invention of the sampler!

Back Cover and Track Listing:

Get it here!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Voice of an 'Angel'

Just a quick mention for the voice of an angel. Originally from Rio, she has the most wonderful six-octave voice, has been a part of some of the best Latin Jazz music made since the 60's and still sounds (and looks) amazing. Her attitude and personality shine through her vocals and bring the freedom and experimental spirit of the 60's and 70's to us even today.

Look out for some of my favourite tracks and don't forget to comment!

Open Your Eyes - Stories To Tell - Insensatez - Reza - Airto's Jazz Dance - Andrei - Moon Dreams - Light As A Feather

and many, many more. . . ..

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Maru Funk #1

So here it begins, the DJ Maru compilations. My aim is to provide a mix of funk tunes once a month for you to enjoy, in the hope you'll go digging yourselves and not just keep your interest but expand it!

There will be specials too, in various genres so lots to look out for. . .

Get It Here!

Original artwork from Peter Lauch und die Regenpfeifer with "Lauter Lose Lieder" 1967.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Dixieland Spectacular

Of all styles of music which have remained popular over the last half-century Dixieland remains unchallenged! Styles and idioms may come and go - Dixieland goes on forever.

Recorded in live Super 8 Stereo FR this album fully captures the atmosphere of this great Dixieland band in all it's moods.

Side 1

1. When The Saints Go Marching In
2. Sweet Georgia Brown
3. Sleepin' Tiger
4. Muskrat Ramble
5. Lips From New Orleans
6. Alexander's Ragtime Band

Side 2

1. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
2. Hello Dolly
3. Swanee River Dixie
4. My Old Dixie Flame
5. Buttermilk Rag
6. Riverboat Party

DEA 1044 - 1971

Dixieland Way - Sid Phillips Band

In America, as well as Europe, the name Sid Phillips automatically ties up with King Of Clarinet. This title was bestowed upon him by American music critics during a series of broadcasts on the C.B.S. Network in New York some years ago. Now, more than ever, this distinction is obviously merited. One has only to hear a few phrases and Sid's virtuosity and position in front of the world's great clarinet players are unmistakable.


Alexander's Ragtime Band
Basin Street Blues
Blueberry Hill
Bugle Call Rag


Clarinet Marmalade
Georgia On My Mind
High Society
I Can't Give You Anything But Love
St. James' Infirmary Blues


SFL 13142 - (p) 1969
859 087 FZY

Hammond Hit Parade II


Foto: Böhmer - Barbora

Seite 1

1. Medium-Medley
(a) A Banda (de Hollands-Conta)
(b) The Days Of Wine And Roses (Mancini-Mercer)
(c) Du bist meine große Leidenschaft (Kirchstein-Siegel)

2. Swing-Medley
(a) Congratulations (Martin-Coulter)
(b) My Blue Heaven (Donaldson-Whiting)
(c) Canale Grande Number One (Mayer-Buschor)

3. Slow-Medley
(a) The Shadow Of Your Smile (Mandel-Webster)
(b) Alle Blumen wollen blühen (Blum)
(c) Der Wind (Baumann-Hilz)

4. Latin-Medley
(a) Sehnsucht (Bauer-Weyrich)
(b) Like It Used To Be (Baumann-Hilz)
(c) A Man And A Woman (Lai-Barouh)

5. Waltz-Medley
(a) Delilah (Reed-Mason-Feltz)
(b) Swedish Life (Baumann-Hilz)

Seite 2

1. Medium-Medley
(a) La La La (de la Calva-Arcusa-Calderon)
(b) Blueberry Hill (Rose-Lewis-Stock)
(c) Lonesome Swallow (Schall)

2. Slow-Medley
(a) The Last Waltz (Reed-Mason-Feltz)
(b) Fascination (Marchetti)
(c) Maggy (Baumann-Enger)

3. Shake-Medley
(a) Bye, Bye Blues (Hamm-Bennet-Gray)
(b) Globetrotter (Schall)
(c) Traumgirl (Blum-Bonney)

4. Bossa-Nova-Medley
(a) Harlekin (Blum)
(b) The Girl From Ipanema (Jobim-de Moraes)
(c) Don't Wait Too Long (Baumann-Enger)

5. Soul-Medley
(a) Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Zawinul)
(b) Blues For Me (Baumann-Enger)

NX 230 - ????

Hammond Pops 6 - Klaus Wunderlich


Titelfoto: J. Domnich

Seite 1

Ich bin verliebt in die Liebe (Twardy-Lilibert)
Alles was wir woll'n auf Erden (Henning-Mainzel)
In einer Bar in Mexico (Kleebsattel)

Oh, wann kommst du (Won't You Join Me) (Kongos-Frances)
Einmal um die ganze Welt (Hey, Hey Baby) (Svodoba dtsch.: Weyrich)

Er hat ein knallrotes Gummiboot (Schmidt-Bradtke)
Ra-Ta-Ta (Juwens-Heilburg)
Engelchen (De Nijs- Weingeist)

Und wenn ein neuer Tag erwacht (Bruhn-Loose)
Du bist anders (Bruhn-Kunze)
Der nächste Sonntag kommt bestimmt (Mayer-Buschor)

Für dich allein (Twardy-Lilibert)
Wir sitzen beide am selben Feuer (Scharfenberger-Feltz)
San Bernadino (Christie-dtsch. Text: Blecher)

Seite 2

A Song Of Joy (Orbe-de los Rios-Parker)
Mein Brief an Julie (Bahler-Holm)

Teneriffa-Melodie (Wunderlich)

Hier ist ein Mensch (Doven-Halvey)
Candida (Wine-Levine-dtcsh. Text: Loose)
Hallo Taxi (Bonney-Raschek)
Wie der Sonnenschein (Un rayo de sol) (Vangarde-dtsch. Text: Balo)

Ich hab' dich lieb (Rödelberger-Kunze)
Alle meine Träume (Donagio-Buschor)

In The Summertime (Dorset)
Calvados (Wunderlich)
A Glock'n die 24 Stunden läut' (Bronner)

Wigwam (Weil ich dich so liebe) (Dylan-Deutscher-Petersen)
ABC (Heider-Relin)

SLE 14 597-P - 1970

Summer Sambas - Duncan Lamont

"The bossa nova had it's brief moment of hit parade glory in Britain at the beginning of the last decade in the shape of Antonio Carlos Jobim's Desafinado, but it's influence has remained constant in popular music ever since. The soft, subtle beat of Brazil's modern Samba can be heard everyday on the radio airwaves as arrangers draw upon it for colour and contrast in their scores, and it has joined and largely superceded the beguine and the bolero in this respect. It is a matter of regret that we seldom hear genuine Brazilian tunes over those same radio airwaves, but at least the bossa nova rhythm has firmly and permanently implanted itself on the map of international pop music."
Nigel Hunter

Duncan Lamont: tenor saxophone
Kenny Baldock: double-bass
Alan Branscombe: tuned percussion and electric piano
Ike Isaacs: guitar
George Kish: electric guitar
Denis Lopez: Latin percussion
Art Morgan: drums
Roger Webb: piano

Side One

1 Summer Samba (So Nice)
2 Our Day Will Come
3 The Look Of Love
4 We've Only Just Begun
5 Gentle One
6 Alone Again

Side Two

1 Felicidade/Samba de Orfeo
2 Destination Love
3 Wave
4 My Cherie Amour
5 Mas Que Nada
6 The Fool On The Hill

MFP 50080 - (p) 1973 The Gramophone Co. Ltd.