Friday, 2 July 2010

Maru #1 redux

I've gone back and brought Maru Funk #1 in line with more recent releases, go back and get the new: Maru Funk #1 right here!

Que Vida La Salsa Dura

I've been told Salsa music isn't very good. Well here's some salsa that stands up against any Latin genre but be careful, it might make you want to dance!!

"Salsa dura means 'hard' salsa, salsa gorda means 'fat' salsa. Both terms are used to describe salsa that retains the basic characteristics of classic salsa: driving rhythms, call and response, 'montuno' sections and socially conscious lyrics. Salsa dura is the EverReady battery musical bunny that just keeps going and going, with musical breaks and blaring brass ideal for salsa dancing.

While Puerto Rico was focusing on salsa romantica, Colombia became a bastion of their own style of salsa dura, through the lean years and remain one today. As a result, Colombia can boast some of the finest, mature salsa dura bands in the world. With groups like Grupo Niche, Sonora Carruseles, Joe Arroyo and Fruko y sus Tesos, Colombia has a clear claim to call itself the salsa dura capitol of the world.

In the last few years, young salseros in New York have also been turning to salsa dura. The Spanish Harlem Orchestra has perfected the big band salsa sound of the Fania years while Jimmy Bosch, Wayne Gorbea and La Excelencia are becoming instrumental in the rise and popularity of salsa dura around the world."
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This time the cover is from "This Is Chaquito and the Quedo Brass" 1967.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Maru Funk #5

No messing abut this time, July's offering is here, on the 1st!!!

Yet another collection of 20 great funky tunes for your listening pleasure, that's around 100 tunes now since March when I brought you my first collection! I hope the tunes keep coming, there's still so much music to discover out there.

Get your dancing shoes on and enjoy - Maru Funk Five!

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This time the artwork comes from 4 Lessons In Jazz, a compilation from who knows when. . .