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Organ Jazz Samba Percussion

Andre Penazzi Filho, the popular virtuoso organist, is a native of Rio Claro, Brazil. When he was scarcely out of his 'teens, Penazzi settled in Sao Paulo, where he made the rounds of night clubs as a pianist. After being heard extensively in numerous night spots, he became a staff pianist with Radio Bandeirantes. This was followed by a move to Radio Tupi, in Sao Paulo, where he again served as staff pianist for several years. After leaving Radio Tupi , Penazzi returned to the night club circuit, filling engagements at Sao Paulo supper clubs, and gradually acquiring an international reputation as a virtuoso in international popular music.

The organ is one of the most versatile of all instruments and capable , with it's rich and varied tone, of matching any medium sized orchestra. In Brazil Andre Penazzi Filho holds a conspicuous place among organists because of his long etablished reputation as an outstanding performer on the Hammond Organ and also because he is the most accomplished interpreter of popular music on the organ in all of Brazil.

It is difficult to match Brazilizn percussion instruments with organ alone because the samba has a syncopated beat with a unique accent that calls forthe special talents of Brazilian-born musicians. The organ in this recording has been augmented by typical Brazilian percussion instruments. These include pandeiro (tambourine), caixeta (blocks), ganza (cow bells), tambourim (a small size 7" drum) and reco reco (gourd) as well as timpani and snare drums.

Side 1

1. Samba Da Madrugada (Lopes-Mascarenhas-Erotides)
2. Castiguei (Venancio-Costa)
3. Tema Do Boneco De Palha (Brasil-Neto)
4. Levanta Mangueira (Antonio)
5. Voce (Albanese-Carillo)
6. E Voce Nao Dizia Nada (Sindo-Sacomani-Martins)

Side 2

1. Mulata Assenhada (Alves)
2. Liberdade Demais (Filho-Nascimento)
3. Samba Da Minha Terra (Caymmi)
4. So Vou De Mulher (Barbosa-Reis)
5. Chora Pierrot (Antonio)
6. Quero Morrer No Carnaval (Antonio-Campus)


Super Stereo Sound Sampler

There's something magical about this album cover, I love the mise-en-scene, from the coffee table to the lampshade, the ashtray to the birdcage, not to mention her outfit! Anyway, here's what they say. . . .

This album has been designed simply and solely as a showcase - a shop window for a most interesting and attractive series of specifically designed and recorded LPs.

The wide variety of sounds and moods are a cross-section of the albums currently available in Mercury's Super Stereo catalogue. In selecting a track from each of a dozen LPs we hope to invite you to delve further into the particular long-player - and in so doing discover some of the finest selesctions on record today.

Obviously different studio and recording techniques were used in the production of the various types of orchestras - so no general description of studio layout or microphone placement would apply, but for the most part, all the recordings, whether originating in Britain, on the Continent or in America have been mixed throuh a twenty channel console, equalised, controlled and reduced from multi-track tape or magnetic film to two channel stereo, quality checked at every stage.

Side 1

1.Take The 'A' Train (Strayhorn)
Billy Byers' Big Band from Take The Duke's Train

2. Like Paganini (Clebanoff-Robinson-Goivannini)
Clebanoff & His Orchestra from Like Paganini

3. Gay Ranchero (Espinosa-Tuvin-Luban)
Mystic Moods Orchestra from Mexican Trip

4. Love Is Just Around The Corner (Robin-Genler)
Peter Rugolo & All That Brass from Study In Stereo

5. Lovely Rita (Lennon-McCartney)
Peter Knight and his Orchestra from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

6. Mimi (Rodgers-Hart)
David Carroll & His Orchestra from Percussion Parisienne

Side 2

1. Strike Up The Band (Gershwin-Gershwin)
Quincy Jones Big Band from Travellin' On The Quincy Jones Big Band Wagon

2. Orange Blossom Special (Rouse)
Michel Legrand & His Orchestra from Violent Violins

3. Come Prima (Ram-Panzeri-Taccani-di Paola)
Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra from Cugat In Europe

4. Tzigan (Sterling)
Pierre & Vladimir Svetlanoff with the Sania Poustyinikoff Orchestra from Cossacks, Vodka and Balalaikas

5. Tallyman (Gouldman)
Big Jim Sullivan fom Sitar Beat

6. Tritsch Tratsch Polka (Strauss)
Wiener Hofball Orchestra from Vienna, City Of My Dreams

SMXL 75 88268 DY 1967

Sing Along with the Rowdies

Young and old alike are invited to this toe tapping "glasses up" sing along party with the Rowdies.

You pay your money and you gets the choice collection of good time well known songs on wax today. Here's the ones we love to sing whenever happy folk get together. And if you're all alone, come as a solo it'll put a smile on your face and a bit of sing along magic in your heart.

Cover photo at The White Hart, Harlington, Middlesex, by Julian Ruthven.


Side 1 A

1. Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner (Gregg)
2. Blaydon Races (arr. Muller)
3. Ilkley Moor Ba't At (arr. Muller)
4. Underneath The Arches (Flanagan)
5. She's A Lassie From Lancashire (Murphy, Lipton, Neat)
6. I Belong To Glasgow (Fyffe)

Side 2 B

1. Happy Days Are Here Again (Ager & Yellen)
2. Hello Dolly (Herman)
3. Knees Up Mother Brown (Weston-Lee)
4. The More We Are Together (King)
5. There's A Tavern In The Town (arr. Muller)
6. Bye Bye Blackbird (Dickson-Henderson)
7. Medley:
a. For He's A Jolly Good Fellow (arr. Muller)
b. Auld Lang Syne (arr. Muller)

MER 403 1974

Hot Hits 13

1972 and it's an Olympic year, so here's Hella Rutz photographed in the Olympic Stadium, Munich to represent the Olympic summer of hits! White dress created specially by Morris Angel.

To the Tracklisting:

Side One

1. Automatically Sunshine (Robinson)
2. Where Is The Love (MacDonald-Salter)
3. Popcorn (Kingsley)
4. Silver Machine (Calvert-MacManus)
5. My Guy (Robinson)
6. Schools Out (Cooper-Bruce)

Side Two

1. Seaside Shuffle (Lewis)
2. The Locomotion (Goffin-King)
3. The Slider (Bolan)
4. 10538 Overture (Lynne)
5. Samson and Delilah (Scott-Capuano)
6. You Wear It Well (Syewart-Quittenton)

MFP 50041 1972

Top Of The Pops

Thank you, Ravers; you sent our last issue of "Top Of The Pops" (SHM 710) soaring high in the national L.P. charts.

Well, you've written to us, telephoned us, screamed at us and cajoled us to move, move, move - but fast - with the release of our next issue, and here it is, hot off the press, sizzling with red hot, top-pop numbers straight out of the current charts.

All the tunes, made famous by Super Stars of the Pop World, have been faithfully recorded by us in London specially for you. Once again we are sure you, all of you - Hippies and Yippies and Skinheads; Schoolkids and switched-on Mums and Dads will help to make this album a high-stepper in the L.P. charts; for this L.P. will electrify you, and send you way, way up in space!

Let's try to make this No. 1 this time, O.K? Thanks a lot!


Side 1

1. My Sweet Lord (Harrison)
2. The Pushbike Song (Jones-Evans)
3. Sunny Honey Girl (Cook-Greenaway)
4. No Matter What (Ham)
5. Grandad (Flowers-Pickett)
6. Candida (Wine-Levene)

Side 2

1. Baby Jump (Dorset)
2. She's A Lady (Anka)
3. Stoned Love (Wilson-Sonont)
4. Your Song (John-Taupin)
5. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
6. Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys (Grant)

SHM725 1971

Hot Hits 11

Archery equipment by Lillywhites Of Piccadilly, London, Boots by Anello & Davide. Photographs by Jack Wood and Terry Beard, sleeve design by Terry Beard.

But who is the girl?

I have now discovered she is, of course Caroline Munro.

You can find out more about her on my other blog, related to all things movie, TV and

I have removed that sticker since taking this picture but you get the idea, ok, Track listing:

Side One

1. The Young New Mexican Puppeteer (Carr-Schuman)
2. Sweet Talking Guy (Morris-Greenberg)
3. A Thing Called Love Hubbard)
4. Radancer (Nicholson)
5. Come What May (Panes-Munro-Desca-Newell)
6. Stir It Up (Marley)

Side Two

1. Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying (Siffre)
2. Back Off Boogaloo (Starkey)
3. Heart Of Gold (Young)
4. I Am What I Am (English-Kerr)
5. Amazing Grace (Trad. arr. Walker)
6. Debora (Bolan)

A BWD Production

MFP5270 - 1972