Sunday, 20 December 2009

Top Of The Pops Vol 20

Once again we've hit the jackpot with this latest album in a truly fabulous series. Look at some of the great current hits on this L.P., hits that have been made famous by international superstars. Hits like "Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum", "Another Time Another Place", "Spanish Harlem" and "I'm Leavin' ".

Our Hallmark artistes, both vocal and instrumental, have really excelled themselves. So, if you're in the mood for a pocketful of smash topliners, just grab this album (not forgetting to pay for it on the way out!), rocket yourself to your digs, and settle down for a trip to the stars through this Superb Hallmark disc.

We believe it will make yet another No. 1 for us; so. pop fans, help us do it!


Side 1

1. Mamy Blue
2. Butterfly
3. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
4. Another Time Another Place
5. Sultana
6. The Witch Queen Of New Orleans

Side 2

1. Maggie May
2. Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum
3. I'm Leavin'
4. Spanish Harlem
5. Keep On Dancing
6. Simple Game

SHM 755 1971

Y Viva Espana

This 1973 Spanish album is in great condition, but has no details on the sleeve.

Here's all I know:


Cara A

1. Y Viva Espana (Eviva Espana) (Caerts/Rozenstraten/DeGomez)
2. Taka Takata (Al Verlane)
3. Oh, Oh July (Jaen/Vangarde)
4. A Sevilla (de Marchena)
5. Espana Cani (Marquina)

Cara B

1. Ojos De Espana (Kaempfert/Mapel)
2. El Mosquito (Krieger/Dansmore/Manzarek)
3. Popcorn (Kingsley)
4. A Malaga (de Marchena)
5. El Gato Montes (Penella)

Gramusic, S.A. - Avenida de Portugal,175 - Madrid - 11

GM222 1973 Estereo Compatible

Stereo Special

The Revolutionary sound that puts you in the centre of the music.

The Hiltonaires with extra percussion play for your dancing and stereo listening pleasure.

This stereophonic recording was originally produced in an acoustically perfect studio equipped with Telefunken microphones that were placed within the band to enhance the "pin-pointing" of the musical effects scored in the program.
The performance was mixed and amplified to a four trtack Sculley Tape Machine runnin at 30 I.P.S. The four track program was then edited and reduced on am Ampex No. 300 two track stereo machine for subsequent transfer to disc on a Neuman heated stylus cutting lathe. The maximum frequency response of the original performance has been faithfully maintained through use of the latest quality controls to give you this program of exciting stereo dimensions.

Recorded Under Direction of D. L. Miller


Side One

1. The Happening (Frank Devol)
2. My Bonnie (L. Muller)
3. Yellow Rose Of Texas (L. Muller)
4. Tiritomba (L. Muller)
5. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (Lennon-McCartney)
6. Go Tell It On The Mountains (L. Muller)
7. Little Brown Jug (L. Muller)
8. John Brown's Body (L. Muller)
9. La Bostella (L. Muller)
10. Lili The Pink (L. Muller)

Side Two

1. The House Of The Rising Sun (L. Muller)
2. Londonderry Air (L. Muller)
3. Clavelitos (L. Muller)
4. Cheriza (L. Muller)
5. Barcarole (L. Muller)
6. Humoreske (L. Muller)
7. Felice (L. Muller)
8. Caro Nome (L. Muller)
9. Mexican Hat Dance (L. Muller)
10. La Cucaracha (L. Muller)

MER342 1971

"I Believe"

While the presentation remained in the same style as other budget records produced by Pickwick at the time, this attempt to enter the religious market had a major difference - original artists!

A collection of mostly older artists I'm guessing this came out in 1971 due to the catalogue number. No dates are specified on the cover or disc labels.

Track Listing:

Side A

1. I Believe - Frankie Laine
2. It's No Secret - Anita Bryant
3. These Hands - Johnny Cash
4. If I Can Help Somebody - Doris Day
5. Ave Maria - Jim Nabors

Side B

1. Climb Ev'ry Mountain - Ray Conniff & The Singers
2. He - Andy Williams
3. Abide With Me - Patti Page
4. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Mahalia Jackson
5. You'll Never Walk Alone - Roy Hamilton

Hallmark/Pickwick SHM730 (1971?)

Best Of The Bossa Novas

Back in 1970 Scottish musician Duncan Lamont made this Bossa Nova recording for Music For Pleasure.

Best Of The Bossa Novas

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Desafino (Slightly Out Of Tune)
2. A Man and a Woman (Un Homme et une Femme)
3. Sunny
4. Meditation
5. Manha De Carnaval
6. How Insensitive (Insensatez)

Side B

1. The Girl From Ipanema (Garota De Ipanema)
2. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
3. One Note Samba (Samba de Una Nota So)
4 The Shadow Of Your Smile
5. Call Me
6. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)

SIT60049 1970

Top Of The Pops Vol 33

Pop Fans! Here's volume 33, our latest TOP OF THE POPS album, packed with twelve of the punchiest hit tunes of the day!

That's the promise on the blurb, of course these albums were budget priced imitations of the 'hit tunes of the day' by unknown session musicians.

This is the newest in my collection and I've not heard it yet. I will be looking forward to 'Pick Up The Pieces' and 'Monster Mash' when I get a USB record player.

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Angel Fingers
2. Skywriter
3. Rock On
4. Young Love
5. Oh No! Not My Baby

Side B

1. Ooh Baby
2. Everything Will Turn Out Fine
3. Angie
4. Pick Up The Pieces
5. Monster Mash
6. The Dean And I

SHM835 1973

The World Of Easy Listening #1

"The World Of Easy Listening" - how dull the world would be without the magic of music! Though we don't always realise it with the pace of modern living, music is often there in the background, calming our nerves and subtly raising our spirits.

This series has been designed, either for enjoyable listening, or for use wherever background music is desired. The melodies featured - some instrumental, some vocal - are modern imaginative arrangements by leading musical directors.

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Me And My Shadow
The Johnny Howard Orchestra
2. Up, Up and Away
Primo Scala and his Accordian Band
3. Call Me
The Les Reed Sound
4. The Last Waltz
The Johnny Howard Orchestra
5. Always True To You In My Fashion
Jose Pirata and his Orchestra
6. Albatross
The Laurie Steele Combo and Chorus

Side B

1. There's A Kind Of Hush (all over the world)
The Les Reed Sound
2. Everyone's Gone To The Moon
The Ivor Raymonde Orchestra and Chorus
3. Tea For Two
The Ray Miranda Orchestra
4. La Dolce Vita
Gordon Franks and His Orchestra
5. Brazil
Gordon Franks and his Orchestra
6. You Made Me Love You
The Johnny Howard Orchestra

SPA 289 1973

Funky Frauleins 2009

Female beat, groove, disco, funk in Germany 1968- 1978.

Ja, we can! Groove girls, beat queens, disco divas and funky frauleins ask you for a dance. Check out the delicate charm and booty shaking beats of the likes of Hildegard Knef, Vicky Leandros, Heidi Bruhl, Caterina Valente and many more. These gals got groove!

Side A

1. Topsy Kuppers: Sagen Sie, Frau Zimmermann
2. Su Kramer: Die grune Witwe
3. Marianne Mendt: Jeder Hat an andern Schmah
4. Heidi Bruhl: Berlin
5. Heidelinde Weis: Hans Emmerich
6. Roberta Kelly: Sunburst
7. Vicky Leandros: Dein Brief
8. Olivia Molina: Das Zahlenspiel
9. Hildegard Knef: Ich wart auf die Nacht

Side B

1. Evelyn Kunneke: Kikilala Hawaii
2. Peggy March: Dancin' Daddy
3. Sandra Haas: Kleiner Mann
4. Jane Morel: Special Agent
5. Renate Kern: Der Wasserman
6. Caterina Valente: Blueberry Hill
7. Shirley Thompson : Goldene Insel
8. Marianne Rosenberg: Ich will dich fur Immer
9. Lotte & Leherb: Irre gut

LP930791 2009