Thursday, 4 March 2010

Maru Funk #1

So here it begins, the DJ Maru compilations. My aim is to provide a mix of funk tunes once a month for you to enjoy, in the hope you'll go digging yourselves and not just keep your interest but expand it!

There will be specials too, in various genres so lots to look out for. . .

Get It Here!

Original artwork from Peter Lauch und die Regenpfeifer with "Lauter Lose Lieder" 1967.


  1. Descargar acqui means download here. or go to:

  2. Mark,

    Didn't you use to do tape mixes for me when I was at University? That's a real blast from the past!


    p.s. Excellent mix!

  3. Yep, missed my call there though. Only difference now is a lot more records and I don't talk as much. I'll do a Funk one every month, plus specials like the Flora one. Until someone gives me a DJ job!!

  4. Thanks!!!! donwloading!!! i´ll tell you after listening!!!!

  5. Please re-post these downloads! I can hear you on MixCloud but would love to put this whole series on CD.