Sunday, 20 December 2009

Stereo Special

The Revolutionary sound that puts you in the centre of the music.

The Hiltonaires with extra percussion play for your dancing and stereo listening pleasure.

This stereophonic recording was originally produced in an acoustically perfect studio equipped with Telefunken microphones that were placed within the band to enhance the "pin-pointing" of the musical effects scored in the program.
The performance was mixed and amplified to a four trtack Sculley Tape Machine runnin at 30 I.P.S. The four track program was then edited and reduced on am Ampex No. 300 two track stereo machine for subsequent transfer to disc on a Neuman heated stylus cutting lathe. The maximum frequency response of the original performance has been faithfully maintained through use of the latest quality controls to give you this program of exciting stereo dimensions.

Recorded Under Direction of D. L. Miller


Side One

1. The Happening (Frank Devol)
2. My Bonnie (L. Muller)
3. Yellow Rose Of Texas (L. Muller)
4. Tiritomba (L. Muller)
5. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (Lennon-McCartney)
6. Go Tell It On The Mountains (L. Muller)
7. Little Brown Jug (L. Muller)
8. John Brown's Body (L. Muller)
9. La Bostella (L. Muller)
10. Lili The Pink (L. Muller)

Side Two

1. The House Of The Rising Sun (L. Muller)
2. Londonderry Air (L. Muller)
3. Clavelitos (L. Muller)
4. Cheriza (L. Muller)
5. Barcarole (L. Muller)
6. Humoreske (L. Muller)
7. Felice (L. Muller)
8. Caro Nome (L. Muller)
9. Mexican Hat Dance (L. Muller)
10. La Cucaracha (L. Muller)

MER342 1971

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