Sunday, 10 January 2010

Super Stereo Sound Sampler

There's something magical about this album cover, I love the mise-en-scene, from the coffee table to the lampshade, the ashtray to the birdcage, not to mention her outfit! Anyway, here's what they say. . . .

This album has been designed simply and solely as a showcase - a shop window for a most interesting and attractive series of specifically designed and recorded LPs.

The wide variety of sounds and moods are a cross-section of the albums currently available in Mercury's Super Stereo catalogue. In selecting a track from each of a dozen LPs we hope to invite you to delve further into the particular long-player - and in so doing discover some of the finest selesctions on record today.

Obviously different studio and recording techniques were used in the production of the various types of orchestras - so no general description of studio layout or microphone placement would apply, but for the most part, all the recordings, whether originating in Britain, on the Continent or in America have been mixed throuh a twenty channel console, equalised, controlled and reduced from multi-track tape or magnetic film to two channel stereo, quality checked at every stage.

Side 1

1.Take The 'A' Train (Strayhorn)
Billy Byers' Big Band from Take The Duke's Train

2. Like Paganini (Clebanoff-Robinson-Goivannini)
Clebanoff & His Orchestra from Like Paganini

3. Gay Ranchero (Espinosa-Tuvin-Luban)
Mystic Moods Orchestra from Mexican Trip

4. Love Is Just Around The Corner (Robin-Genler)
Peter Rugolo & All That Brass from Study In Stereo

5. Lovely Rita (Lennon-McCartney)
Peter Knight and his Orchestra from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

6. Mimi (Rodgers-Hart)
David Carroll & His Orchestra from Percussion Parisienne

Side 2

1. Strike Up The Band (Gershwin-Gershwin)
Quincy Jones Big Band from Travellin' On The Quincy Jones Big Band Wagon

2. Orange Blossom Special (Rouse)
Michel Legrand & His Orchestra from Violent Violins

3. Come Prima (Ram-Panzeri-Taccani-di Paola)
Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra from Cugat In Europe

4. Tzigan (Sterling)
Pierre & Vladimir Svetlanoff with the Sania Poustyinikoff Orchestra from Cossacks, Vodka and Balalaikas

5. Tallyman (Gouldman)
Big Jim Sullivan fom Sitar Beat

6. Tritsch Tratsch Polka (Strauss)
Wiener Hofball Orchestra from Vienna, City Of My Dreams

SMXL 75 88268 DY 1967

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