Sunday, 10 January 2010

Organ Jazz Samba Percussion

Andre Penazzi Filho, the popular virtuoso organist, is a native of Rio Claro, Brazil. When he was scarcely out of his 'teens, Penazzi settled in Sao Paulo, where he made the rounds of night clubs as a pianist. After being heard extensively in numerous night spots, he became a staff pianist with Radio Bandeirantes. This was followed by a move to Radio Tupi, in Sao Paulo, where he again served as staff pianist for several years. After leaving Radio Tupi , Penazzi returned to the night club circuit, filling engagements at Sao Paulo supper clubs, and gradually acquiring an international reputation as a virtuoso in international popular music.

The organ is one of the most versatile of all instruments and capable , with it's rich and varied tone, of matching any medium sized orchestra. In Brazil Andre Penazzi Filho holds a conspicuous place among organists because of his long etablished reputation as an outstanding performer on the Hammond Organ and also because he is the most accomplished interpreter of popular music on the organ in all of Brazil.

It is difficult to match Brazilizn percussion instruments with organ alone because the samba has a syncopated beat with a unique accent that calls forthe special talents of Brazilian-born musicians. The organ in this recording has been augmented by typical Brazilian percussion instruments. These include pandeiro (tambourine), caixeta (blocks), ganza (cow bells), tambourim (a small size 7" drum) and reco reco (gourd) as well as timpani and snare drums.

Side 1

1. Samba Da Madrugada (Lopes-Mascarenhas-Erotides)
2. Castiguei (Venancio-Costa)
3. Tema Do Boneco De Palha (Brasil-Neto)
4. Levanta Mangueira (Antonio)
5. Voce (Albanese-Carillo)
6. E Voce Nao Dizia Nada (Sindo-Sacomani-Martins)

Side 2

1. Mulata Assenhada (Alves)
2. Liberdade Demais (Filho-Nascimento)
3. Samba Da Minha Terra (Caymmi)
4. So Vou De Mulher (Barbosa-Reis)
5. Chora Pierrot (Antonio)
6. Quero Morrer No Carnaval (Antonio-Campus)


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