Thursday, 29 April 2010

Latin Escapade - George Shearing

"Music that suggests the darkest corner of a smoky bar. . . the sweet wild mood of a Latin Escapade."

" For aficionados of latin music, George Shearing plays these tropical tempos wit a romantic touch all his own. He has long been a master of jazz with a latin beat, and now, for the first time in a complete album, this special mastery finds fine, full expression. Backed by the colourful sounds of maracas, timbale, claves and conga drums, Shearing's deft piano and his famed quintet make music that is sultry indeed; it will lure even the shyest dancer to the floor, and thoroughly delight the listener who does not choose to dance."

In playing order:


Mambo With Me

Without You

Old Devil Moon

Mi Musica Es Parati

Anitra's Nañigo


Cuban Love Song

Watch Your Step

Poodle Mambo

Canto Karabali

Strange Enchantment

SM-11454 - 1958


  1. Another fine album...

    ...with no way to download it.


  2. This is a terrific album. R.I.P. George Shearing.