Thursday, 29 April 2010

Viva Merengue - Nico Gomez (Dureco Benelux)

Nico Gomez and his Ochestra

Produced bij (sic.) Nico Gomez

Belgian re-release of the Belgian Latin star Joseph Van Het Groenewoud or as we know him - Nico Gomez!

side 1

Compadre Pedro Juan
El Senior Presidente
Vivo Cantando
Piano Y Piano
La Murcura
El Ambassador

side 2

Nena Negrita
El Calapago
El Empressario
El Barullo
La Mona
El Negrito Del Batey

66.045 - (p) 1982

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  1. Hello Maru,

    I came across your blog while searching for Nico Gomez and sadly I'm having a difficult time finding music of his. This is the reason for my message to you - I was wondering if you would consider re-posting.

    Also please allow me to pre-empt myself by saying I completely understand if you don't because I can only imagine how much work and time goes into keeping or updating a blog like yours.

    Either way, thank you in advance or at the very least for taking the time to read my comment. However, if you could kindly help me out because I'm sort of obsessing over Nico Gomez at the moment I would appreciate

    Thanks again and all the best Maru,