Thursday, 8 August 2013

Duran Duran - Union Of The Snake/The Reflex 7"

You may have gathered from earlier in this blog that I am a huge fan of Duran Duran pre 1987. I do have a post '87 collection but in my formative years not a lot got past me and what did I went back and got, with some luck along the way. So in a charity shop today I picked up Union Of The Snake and The Reflex from 1983 on 7" vinyl. Both of these previously belonged to an Andrew Cummings from form 4C, as he has helpfully written on them in large silver lettering. Of course both have featured in this blog before with the 12" versions and picture disc but now the 7" too. I am positive this collection (every 12" and album from 1981-86 all on vinyl with 7s, imports, deleted E.P.s and different pressings thrown in) will be worth a lot of money. I am starting to doubt this philosophy however and will no doubt die with the world thinking I remain some crazed Duran Duran fan. (Did I mention VHS, DVD and concert tickets too?).

Anyway, Union Of The Snake c/w Secret Oktober

EMI5429 - 1983


The Reflex was remixed dramatically from the Seven And The Ragged Tiger ersion by Nile Rodgers and was the bands second #1.

The Reflex c/w Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) Live at the Hammersmith Apollo (Steve Harley)
Duran 2 - 1983

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