Thursday, 8 August 2013

Los Norte Americanos - Tijuana Beatles

I have a fascination for the influx of Latin music in the 1960s. I have quite a few records which embrace this new feel which came over to the UK with the advent of long haul flights and the start of the world getting smaller. These new rhythms really affected people and in a rush to acommodate the public's desire for this strange new sound not only did Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass make big but many albums took existing well known tunes and Tijuana'd them up. This is how oddities like this came to be, Tijuana Beatles. Yes, The Beatles, Latin brass style. Produced by the famous Jack Dorsey this album contains both Lennon/McCartney and original compositions. In fact half the album is original but what better way to sell your record than a cute girl and some Beatles tunes? One last thing, we've already learned that Nico Gomez was actually a Belgian chap, how Latin are M. Huckbridge and A. Sherman I wonder? Anyhoo, blurb time:

"Whatever the musical mood may be you can rely on the Tijuana Sound to add that something extra- and in this case  the extra enjoyment comes through teaming Beatle songs with Tijuana treatment. 

It's a happy musical marriage that just can't fail. The Beatles after all write great songs and the musicians who create the Tijuana sound are equally great at interpreting them in their own stylised fashion.
So far as material is concerned the tracks range far and wide over Beatle songs that have soared into hit parade charts all over the world. From one of the earliest-"All My Loving" right through to "Get Back""Ballad Of John And Yoko" and their very latest hit "Something".

Beatles apart there are a couple of original compositions specially written to explore the musical magic of Tijuana, the sound that has become a world-wide favourite. One thing's for certain; whether you're Beatle fan or Tijuana fan your ears and senses are in line for the kind of musical treat you'll want to repeat."

Side 1

Something (Lennon, McCartney)
When I'm 64 (Lennon, McCartney)
Ballad Of John And Yoko (Lennon, McCartney)
Tijuana Soul (M. Huckbridge, A. Sherman)
Enchiladas (M. Huckbridge, A. Sherman)
Cuba Libre (M. Huckbridge, A. Sherman)

Side 2

Get Back (Lennon, McCartney)
Hey Jude (Lennon, McCartney)
Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (Lennon, McCartney)
Tijuana Burro (M. Huckbridge, A. Sherman)
Tequila For Two (M. Huckbridge, A. Sherman)
All My Loving (Lennon, McCartney)

Marble Arch MALS 1190 (p) 1969

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