Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Parade Of Pops

This new Solid Gold blockbuster will generate one hundred per cent easy action! Take it home, slap it on the turntable and you will be raving right from the very first note. A super array of chart toppers is here before you which includes such greats as 'Cindy Incidentally', the sing-along sound of 'Part Of The Union', and what Parade Of Pops is without the pulsating Slade number 'Cum On Feel The Noize'.

Whether you are rich or poor, happy or sad, Windmill's Parade Of Pops will satisfy your every need . . . In Solid Gold!

Cover photo: Colour Library International Ltd.

Parade Of Pops - From Windmill - In Spectro-Stereo Dimension Sound!

Side 1

Cindy Incidentally
Doctor In My Eyes
Part Of The Union

Side 2

Cum On Feel The Noize
Looking Thru' The Eyes Of Love
Whisky In The Jar
Baby I Love You
Hello Hurray

Windmill Records * London * England

WPP 5007 - 1973

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