Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Focus On Phase 4 Stereo

14 sound spectaculars - each track a unique experience in sound, specially chosen for the thrill of listening. A thrill that has placed Phase 4 Stereo firmly at the top; a position maintained through constant pioneering of the latest technological innovations.

The fourteen numbers on this record demonstrates the success that Decca's engineers have achieved, and the overall effect of utilising individual detail produces an uncanny sense of spatial realism unapproached by conventional disc standards.

Recorded Sound at it's best, this sampler disc is just an appetiser for the exciting repertoire in the Phase 4 catalogue. Everything is in Phase 4 stereo - orchestras, vocal groups, big bands, marching bands and latin bands, music from around the world, from stage and screen. From waltzes to rock 'n' roll, not forgetting the concert series of familiar classics and the many sound effect spectaculars.

Here now is your chance to experience a small part of the magnificent Phase 4 story.

Tony D'Amato (Artists and Repertoire manager, Phase 4 Stereo)

Side 1

I Love Paris (Porter) - Stanley Black
A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Reid/Brooker) - Ronnie Aldrich
El Cumbanchero (Hernandez) - Los Muchacambos
I've Heard That Song Before (StyneCahn) - Harry James
The Skaters Waltz (Waldteufel) - Will Glahe
Lover (Rodgers;Hart) - Les Paul
Washington Post (Sousa) - Band Of The Grenadier Guards

Side 2

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Trad) - The Keating Sound
La Bamba (Trad) - Edmundo Ross
Limelight (Chaplin;Parsons) - Frank Chacksfield
The Avengers (Johnson) - Roland Shaw
Two Guitars (Trad) - Werner Muller
More (Newell, Oliviero, Ortolani) - Ted Heath
Camptown Races (Foster) - Eric Rogers

BPS1 - 1968

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