Friday, 24 July 2009

Take These Flowers Away

1. I Fell Out Of A Tree 2. Good Morning Sunshine - Lauren Laverne
c/w 3. To Have A Home (Demo) 4. Some Kind Of Other Presence
All tracks by Lauren Laverne


Ex of Kenickie, Lauren Laverne (real name Laverne Cecilia Gofton, now Fisher) released this Ep and these are among very few solo recordings after her debut album was shelved.

This Ep was produced and engineered by her brother Pete Gofton (Johnny X).

She is now better known as a presenter on BBC6 Music and as a t.v. presenter from 'The Culture Show', 'Transmission', and many other shows, and as panellist and guest or voice over artist on even more!

I was, of course, a massive Kenickie Fan, you'll find more Laverne and Kenickie 7"s coming up, although mostly by then I was buying CD's and more modern things are mostly collectibles!

Currently I can find none of the above tracks on the internet, I'll work on that!

Photograph taken on 28/04/1999 at Highbury Garage, London


  1. Happy new year 2011!!!
    Download the "Take These Flowers Away EP" here:

  2. Happy New Year to you too, anonymous person!

    Awesome find!! :)