Saturday, 4 July 2009

Hot Hits 2

A BWD production.

So little to say about this. Made in 1970, no mention is made of the artists, yet more anonymous studio musicians plying their trade. Photograph by Brian Ward, sleeve design by Jack Wood.

Track Listing

Side A

1. Montego Bay (Bloom-Barry)
2. It's So Easy (Lee-Watkin)
3. Paranoid (Iommi-Ward-Butler-Osbourne)
4. Band Of Gold (Dunbar-Wayne)
5. Gasoline Alley Bred (Cook-Greenaway-Macaulay)
6. Which Way You Goin' Billy (Jacks)

Side B

1. Wild World (Stevens)
2. Sweetheart (B. R. & M. Gibb)
3. Long As I Can See The Light (Fogarty)
4. Love Is Life (Brown-Wilson)
5. Don't Play That Song (You Lied) (Ertegun)
6. You Can Get It If You Really Want It (Cliff)

MFP 1426 1970

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