Friday, 24 July 2009

Punka (picture disc)

Punka (Laverne/X) - Kenickie
c/w Brighter Shade Of Blue (Laverne/Du Santiago)


Not a big hit but still one of my favourite all time bands, Lauren Laverne, Marie Du Santiago, Emmy-Kate Montrose and Johnny X punked it up in the late 90's and this re-release of debut single 'Punka' came in this picture disc version as well as two Cd's. While I already owned the first 'Punka' I bought all three new versions too. Sad.

Whilst the drummer in the band, the guitar solo in this song was played by Johnny X (Pete Gofton) and not the girls, although live versions had the girls playing a version of it. The B side gave a hint to their new direction with the second album, a softer side than the youthful punk of 'Get In' while the A side was a stalwart Kenickie classic.

Here's the picture disc:

Side A
Side B

This postcard came with the CD release

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