Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Best Of Top Of The Pops '77

14 Number One Hits* of 1977. Plus a giant calendar/poster
*BRMB/Music Week

Top of the Pops pick of the crop - try saying that quickly! However, that is exactly what we have done. To continue in this poetic vein, (seeing it only happens once a year) the seeds of pop music were sewn in 1977 and scattered to the four winds. Well, the Pickwick harvesters, being on the ball as usual, lost no time in rushing out with their sickles and scythes and naturally, reaped only the very best. Each succulent little tune, lovingly nurtured from "most promising newcomer" to "TOP OF THE HIT PARADE" was snatched in it's prime and delivered post haste to the Pickwick studios where the Top Of The Poppers were standing by, ready to give it their own special treatment, scientifically tested to ensure that none of the original flavour and quality could escape. And, for good measure, we decided to include a free gift as well!

So here you have it - the finished product, vacuum packed and custom sealed and approved by the Pickwick Bureau of Standards, each tune a NUMBER ONE HIT in 1977.

What more is there to say - except to wish you all a happy, swinging festive season and we'll be back in the new year with Top of the Pops treats especially for you.

Side 1

1. Knowing Me Knowing You (Andersson-Anderson-Ulvaeus)
2. Free (Williams)
3. Don't Give Up On Us (Macaulay)
4. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Lloyd-Webber)
5. Float On (Willis-Ingram-Mitchell)
6. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (Soja-Vostral)
7. Angelo (Hiller-Lee-Sheridan)

Side 2

1. Silver Lady (Macaulay-Stephens)
2. I Feel Love (summer-Moroder-Bellotte)
3. Lucille (Bowlinger-Bynum)
4. Chanson D'Amour (Shanklin)
5. When I Need You (Hammond-Seger)
6. Way Down (Martin-Kennedy)
7. The Name Of The Game (Andersson-Anderson-Ulvaeus)

SHM 999 - 1977

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