Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The World Of Easy Listening Vol. 4

"The World Of Easy Listening" - how dull the world would be without the magic of music! Though we don't always realise it with the pace of modern living, music is often there in the background, calming our nerves and subtly raising our spirits.

This series has been designed, either for enjoyable listening, or for use wherever background music is desired. The melodies featured - some instrumental, some vocal - are modern imaginative arrangements by leading musical directors.

We hope, in fact we know, that these six volumes will bring you many hours of delightful listening pleasure.

Side 1

Moonlight Serenade (Miller-Parish)
The Johny Howard Orchestra

I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (Carroll-McCarthy)
The Ivor Raymonde Orchestra and Chorus

Amapola (Lacalle-Gamse)
The David Whitaker Orchestra

Moon River (Mancini-Mercer)
The Johny Howard Orchestra

Music To Watch Girls By (Ramin)
The Hawaiians

Les Parapluies De Cherbourg (Legrand)
Gordon Franks and his Orchestra

Side 2

Joanna (Hatch-Trent)
The Johny Howard Orchestra

Nicola (Race)
The Les Reed Sound

Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie-Pinkard-Casey)
Gordon Franks and his Orchestra

Beyond The Blue Horizon (Whiting-Harling-Robin)
The Ivor Raymonde Orchestra & Chorus

Lonely Ballerina (Carr-Lambrecht)
Roberto Mann, his Orchestra & Chorus

Meditation (Johim-Mendonca)
The David Whitaker Orchestra

SPA 292 1973


  1. How can I purchase Easy Listening vol 4
    Ron Gieser R.Ph.
    cell 214 533 0110

  2. From a very grateful downloader, here is something in return.

    I am very new to uploading. I have been meaning for some time to contribute one or more Johnny Pearson Albums . However I did not want to send just any quality but the absolute best. I also wanted to avoid compilation albums but instead pick the rarest and valuable studio ones.

    So as a New Year present, please find Johnny Pearson "I remember that Summer". Circa 1980/81. Crystal clear quality. Forgive my very ordinary photography on cover and back.

    Hope this is to your and the blogs liking.

    More info, Johnny Pearson on Wikipedia recomended.

    But here is my contribution. Enjoy.