Friday, 26 February 2010

STAG party - The Brewers

For the MEN of the household !! We've all been to a stag night fellas - remember that ...... never mind ! As the evening wore on, things hotted up a bit, and we sang a few of 'those' songs, well, send your old lady out of the room, and for a while anyway, relive a few of those nights.
If you join in, for goodness' sakes, keep your voice down !!

(c) ART & SOUND LTD, 1972
Side one

The Woodpecker's Song
The Ring Rang Doo
Oh Mr. Fisherman
Craven A
The Grandfather Clock
The Ball Of Kerrymuir
Wild Rover
Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Side two

O'Reilly's Daughter
John Brown's Body
Ghost Rider's In The Sky
The Highland Lassie
Three Whores From Winnipeg
Lady Jane
Sir Jasper

4096 - (c) 1972

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