Wednesday, 3 February 2010

This Is Stereo

Whatever your musical pleasure, stereo completes it, gives life and depth, clarity and brilliance. Here at last is the stereo introduction record everybody has been waiting for. Long famous for the quality of their stereo recording, Polydor present for your entertainment selections from our world-renowned catalogue of light music.

Side A

1. La La La (Arcusa-De la Calva)
Augusto Alguero and his Orchestra from "Sounds Spectacular"

2. Try A Little Tenderness (Connelly-Woods-Campbell)
Kurt Edelhagen

3. Andalucia (Lecuona)
Roberto Delgado from "Spanish Eyes"

4. The More I See You (Warren-Gordon)
Hans Schachtner from "Golden Trumpet Hits Vol. III"

5. Guantanamera (Trad. arr. Last)
Kai Warner and his Orchestra fom "Summer Wind"

Side B

1. Drops (The Bouncer) (Schroeder-Powell)
Mr. Pepper's Jet Piano from "Drops"

2. Who Are We (Last-Newell)
James Last and his Orchestra from "Guitar A Go Go"

3. Gran Premio (Kaps-Alguera)
Augusto Alguero and his Orchestra from "Sounds Spectacular"

4. Maria Elena (Barcelata)
Ladi Geisler from "Guitar A La Carte"

5. Anytime (Achilles-Jordans-Spielmanns)
Hans Schachner from "Golden Trumpet Hits Vol. II"

643 308 - 1968


  1. Hello again, I just saw this post.

    I have this album already, but I am glad you gave the detailed credits for each songs, as I had not those in my files. And your scan is much better than the one I had!

    But then I realized something odd: there is no download link. If anyone wanted to download this LP, how would they do that? What am I missing here?

  2. Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika,

    I can't understand this either, it looks like many of the other blogs but with no link to download, I just don't see the point posting an album with no link.

    Anyway, did you read my comment over at LL? his link for this album is available, and you too have commented at it, but I don't know if you have noticed, but there are faults on the rip, especially track number 03 on side B Gran Premio, seems to jump alot.