Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tango Time - Malando and his Orchestra

No-one knows why - least of all himself - why Arie Maasland, as Dutch as the bulbfields, the wooden shoes and windmills of tourist-poster fame, should have taken to Latin-American music so completely and so successfully that in Argentina, the land of the tango, he is regarded as the best tango composer in the world. Arie Maasland - Malando to the world of light music, has never been to Argentina. "Somehow I've never got down to it", he says, "I've been too busy, but I hope to go there someday."

O Donna Clara
La Paloma
El Once
Hear My Song, Violetta

Blue Tango
I Kiss Your Hand Madam
Tango Du Rêve
Schöner Gigolo
Japanese Tango

6428 004 - 1969

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