Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Magic Of The Minstrels

"Here they go again- one of the most remarkable phenomena to appear on the British show business scene for many, many years - the Black and White Minstrels! What makes them so remarkable - indeed unique? Well, in the first instance, it is incredible that a minstrel show should have taken this country by storm in an age when this form of entertainment was generally considered a relic of the past. It has been suggested by a few cynics that black faced minstrels are out of place in these days of more enlightened attitudes towards the coloured races - but this theory presupposes that the minstrel show is detrimental or derogatory to coloured folk, and certainly The Black and White Minstrels cannot be accused of any such approach. Anyone who is looking for political overtones in a situation such as this must, I feel, be deliberately striving to provoke trouble - and, happily, such complaints are restricted to a meagre few."
Derek Johnson New Musical Express

(Hmmm, where do I begin with what is wrong with that sleevenote and the act? I just liked the showgirl on the cover!- MR)

Clap Your Hands medley
Nice Work If You Can Get It medley
My Bonnie
It's A Small World medley

Let's Dance medley
Wouldn't It Be Loverly medley
Old MacDonald
Your Requests medley

CSD 1631 - (p) 1965


  1. Hello. You have some great stuff on this blog. I was wondering, were are the links to the music.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Great list

    can they be downloaded?